Everything you buy will sooner or later be in the bin

Yesterday, I was clearing a drawer in my study.

This started when my dad gave me a bag of knickknacks.  Stuff I forgot to take with me when I moved out 3 years ago.  I do visit family regularly, but I guess they were spring cleaning and decided to collect and get rid of this stuff.  It’s mine after all.

Whilst I was going through the stuff in the bag, I started realising that only trivial stuff like pen drives and buttons will be kept.  I couldn’t stop thinking of how much shite I bought mindlessly in my early 20s that didn’t give me any joy but just added to my social anxiety.… Read the rest

Net Worth Update – May 2016 – €58,966 [+€728]


I am happy to report that my Net Worth is inching ever so closely to the €60k mark!

I have built a nice cash cushion.  I know, I know, mr financial guru wannabe without a cushion at bank.  However, I spent the majority of my twenties, battered, bruised and beating my a home loan.  I took this in 2008 as I took an advantage from the housing market.  As normal, I didn’t time the market, but I recovered in no time.  Prices dipped a bit more, but I derived pleasure from making the developer sweat for a sale.  Here in Malta, you learn to hate contractors, and after buying your home, you add bankers to your repertoire.… Read the rest