Good bye everyone

Dear All,

I am shutting off this website because I am frankly bored of transmitting my Net Worth updates to the void of the internet.  I am quite serene that this year has provided me immense inspiration in my Financial Indepence journey.  However, I know that I don’t provide much added value to you out there, so I’m throwing in the towel.

Good bye and thanks for your comments of support.

Feel free to contact me on my personal email



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Net Worth Update – August 2016 – €59,611 [+€503]


The most notable thing this month is that I added €25 more to my monthly extra loan repayment schedule.  That alone will bring me 2.3 years closer to Financial Independence.

Another thing I have done was set up a holiday account and donation account as well.

On the whole, my investments are bobbing around right now.  I took the decision to channel all my mutual funds into equities right.  My thinking is, I’ll keep investing in the mutual fund until I settle off my car loan, and then full speed ahead with ETFs.  But right now, I think getting the amount of money needed to make an investment would take me too long and the opportunity cost too high to leave the money idling in my bank account.… Read the rest